Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nuclear Waste Is GOOD For You!

Upon digging through my paint box, I discovered I don't actually possess any green paint at the moment. I used it up making terrain, which I will have to show off at some point. I'm trying to go for a bubbly nuclear sludge look on my bases, and I'm not certain what kind of paint I want.  So questing we go for green paint!

I usually use standard acrylic paints. For regular colors, I haven't found any huge differeneces between dollar bottles at the HOBBALOBBA and any fancy model paints. Actually I find the cheapo squeeze bottles infinitely easier to work with than GW's new or old bottles.  The old bottles were a perpetual mess and the new ones are frustrating to see into and keep open. The only place I've seen dramatic improvements from model paints is metallic colors.

Oh metallics!  I've seen too many gold paints that look like someone held a 14 year old girl over a bucket of yellow paint and shook her until the all the glitter fell out of her brain. There are sparkles in an otherwise non metallic paint and none of it blends. Despite how frustrating the rest of GW is, their metallic paints are phenomenal. The pigments themselves are shiny. I can water down my silvers and golds for highlights and effects without having to worry about depositing individual sequins on the mini.  And to top it off I absolutely adore Tin Bitz. All of my dreadnoughts are based in it and I'm planning to shade all my new constructs between Tin Bitz and Shining Gold.

I haven't used enamel paints since I was about 7 and making a mess of a USS Enterprise model, but the glossy finish might be handy for a bubbly goo. Otherwise I'm going to have to go with some sort of varnish to make my sludge look liquid. I'm not sure what yet, as I've never actually done something like this. In any case, I want to hear about everyone else's favorite colors and effects!  Share with me and anyone reading in the comments.


  1. Heh. You know, it's really odd, but I know EXACTLY how to get the effect you want. Seriously. I managed to make basically the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle level green ooze stuff for one of my Nurgle models awhile ago. It's glossy after you make it and it looks very liquidy if you put it somewhere it can pool.

    Best part: simple to make! I know, I know. I'm such a damn genius ;)

    Ok, so here's the recipe:
    1. Get a couple of shades of green (or one shade of green) that you like/want to use.
    2. Get wood glue/Elmer's white glue.
    3. Mix paint and glue together.
    4. Dump said mixture into where you want nasty slime.
    5. ???
    6. Profit!

    There you go.

  2. Excellent! I thought I might have to coat it with elmer's or varnish or something. I hadn't thought to mix it directly with the paint. Thanks