Friday, July 22, 2011

The Search

Hoffman glanced up into the sky. The heat off the rocks blurred the air. He peered intently through the foliage for the Watcher. It should have located the lost canister by now.  Hoffman felt the Watcher's silent landing before he saw it step through the brush.

He swore as the watcher flashed though the surveilance images.  His hope that the canister could be recovered without incident was smashed. It was broken open and leaking into the waters of a small pond. The soulstone dust that infused the sludge would attract all manner of horrors, to say nothing of what it would do to the local wildlife.

There was nothing to do now but cordon the area until the recovery crew arrived.  He gathered his tools, satisfied with the repairs to the Guardian that had found him in the forest, and proceeded to the site. Earlier he hoped it was just responding to his presence, but now it only gave him a feeling of unease, as wayward Guardians typically only appear where they will be needed. The Hunter met him on the rocks and began its patrol.

Hoffman drew a small map and wrote a note and directions on it for the recovery team.  As he handed it to the watcher, he felt a cool breeze rustle the collar of his shirt. Turning around he saw a small girl in a green coat step out of the forest. Hoffman shouted to her, "This area is under quarantine by order of the Guild. It has been exposed to dangerous chemicals. Please leave the area immediately."  She gave no answer, nor did she move. Hoffman opened his mouth to order her again, but a few snowflakes floating down through the higher branches across the pond captured his attention. A great shaggy beast followed the girl out of the wood, and the snow started coming down in clumps.  Hoffman would have no assisstance from the recovery team for this fight.

Closeups of all the new goodies, models by me, terrain by Girlfriend:

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