Thursday, December 15, 2011

This blog is now DIAMONDS! er... 40k too

Came to the conclusion that I don't have enough to say about Malifaux to stock a whole blog. Scrapyard Gems will now be a place for all things gaming and engineering.

40k is my other gaming pleasure.  I've been knee deep in marines ever since I ran into my first chainsword playing Dawn of War. IMO one of the coolest things to come out of 40k. It came as a surprise then when it turned out to be a pretty mundane weapon in the 41st millenium. Who knew? A whole galaxy populated with an uncountable number of Bruce Campbell's chopping up zombies. or Orks. The biggest difference is the bad cockney accents. Both are single minded killing/eating machines. They both spread like a plague and both will keep coming after you with Black Knight stubbornness until the head is destroyed.

Back in April or thereabouts, I finally got to put my old metal Grey Knights to good use, but recently the marines have made a resurgance. My FLGS is in the middle of a unstructured campaign where we all play games that contribute to our overall score, with bonuses for winning and painting and special events. I brought the marines out because it's about ten zillion times more fun to write battle reports for them than the Knights.  It's been a good time relearning the beauty of meltaguns too. At the NOVA Open this year I dropped 54 S7 rending shots into a landraider without producing a single damage result. Fast forward to the campaign and I'm dropping landraiders and monoliths with single shots from attack bikes.  It really warms the soul.

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