Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Malifaux at the Nova Open!

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I played 2 games prior to this weekend. One vs the Vik's wherein the only thing left on the board at the end was the watcher. Who took the tapes of the massacre back to guild HQ.  The second was against Lady J who got peacekeeper'd and then the rest of her minions couldn't break through the construct armor.

The group of people at the Nova was incredible. The TO, whom I had met last year, allowed me to borrow any models I needed. Everyone there was incredibly friendly and it made the game exceedingly accessible.

I got in several games the night before the tournaments started, so I could see some more masters in action and try out Lady J and Sonnia on my side. I won a Hoff v Seamus pretty handily, but got stomped on a Lady J vs the Dreamer. A few more games in and I had a decent handle on Lady J.  She hits things.  Hard. Lol.  Ok, in seriousness, I also noticed a fun pairing of the Excecutioner and a Guardian.

The first tourney was 4 rounds, and I only won one game. About what I expected. My claim to fame is that the winner of the tourney only missed 5 potential VP's and I was responsible for 4 of them. You can see the battle report here:

At the end of the day, I had played enough games and done enough interesting things during those games to win the achievement league for the Guild. ie. kill someone with a slow to die, complete your master's scheme, win a game without using your soulstones, etc 

The second day I played in the 40k GT, but I think I would have had more fun playing Malifaux. OH well. I came back for the Midnight Madness Malifaux Tournament and got paired up vs Dixon, the guy who won the adepticon events.

He ran Collodi/Zoraida vs my Sonnia. It was a great big mess, with him killing off witchlings as fast as I could resummon them, but a 2 turns or so in I had knocked all but 3 wounds off Collodi, and murdered most of his dolls. In his own words, I had him on the ropes, but he had played too many games vs Bill the TO's Sonnia so he knew exactly what to do. Which was run away as fast as Collodi's puppets could take him and hide behind a building. To win, I needed a long shot Flame Burst severe damage with 3 blasts to squish Collodi and his puppets, but it didn't quite come through. The end result was a good fun game and and a 6-2 loss for me. 

The showdown.

Ordinarily, this would be very bad for the Guardian, but what you don't see is Sonnia, a death marshal and 2 more witchlings in the building to the right. This is one or 2 activations before Collodi took to the hills.

The midnight madness was a single elimination, so I was out, but I used that opportunity to get the only full night of sleep I got all weekend. :)

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